Featured Projects Completed

Taco Bell - Brawley, CA

One project completed this month was the 2,053 SF Taco Bell location in Brawley, CA. This was our second project for this owner, and was built by Superintendent Dustin Roberts. Dustin has done many Taco Bell remodel projects, but this was his first ground-up. He scored a home run through his ability to schedule his sub-contractors properly, listening to the needs of the owners, and by keeping in constant contact with the city and county officials throughout the project. Great job Dustin!

Chase Bank - Cardiff by the Sea, CA

MCC was also able to complete a 1,942 SF Chase Bank location in Cardiff by the Sea, CA. Despite initial underground sewer issues, this tenant improvement project went smoothly and was turned over to Chase Bank on time. This is our first Chase Bank turnover with the new interior design concept and a MCC learning experience for all future Chase Bank projects.

McDonald's - Ukiah, CA

Another completed project was a McDonald’s located in Ukiah, CA. This 2,323 SF location received a new exterior paint, trellis/canopy design, parapet work, and a completely new interior including, flooring, ceiling and restroom upgrades. The drive thru remained open during construction.

Employee Spotlight

Rick Rodriguez – Project Superintendent

Rick joined MCC in August of 2013 and has been a consistent, reliable, hardworking, and efficient Project Superintendent. Rick is considered an “expert” in Chase Bank projects, whether remodel or ground up. He is currently finishing the Chase Bank project in Cardiff, CA.Things he loves and cherishes are his relationship with God, loving and supportive wife, caring family and friends, and his extended MCC family. “Things that I enjoy doing on the weekends: Spending time with my wife, playing with my grandkids, drinking cold beer and barbecuing with family and friends, riding my Harley on a quiet highway in the desert as the morning sun is rising, listening to music, fishing of all kinds, and watching NASCAR and baseball. GO DODGERS!!!”

Featured Project in Progress

Avalon Bay Eaves – Seal Beach, CA

MCC has begun construction on the Avalon Bay Eaves project, our second project for Avalon Bay Communities. This project consists of a high end leasing office, fitness center and site work. We are happy that clients continue to trust MCC to provide quality work on all their projects.

Recently Awarded Projects

  • Taco Bell – Anaheim, CA
  • Taco Bell – Calimesa, CA